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Upcycling Your Old Hardwood Flooring

How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors: Top 5 Tips Whether you’ve just installed a brand-new engineered hardwood floor or you’re hoping to spiff up a floor that’s starting to show its age, our tips on how to clean engineered hardwood floors will help you get maximum shine with minimal effort. Tip #1: Sweep or vacuum…

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A Letter To All You Carpet Flooring

What types of carpets are best for cats? Cats are a very important part of the household, and my customers know I love cats (as well as dogs).  I “own” 2 cats…or maybe I should say, they own me and allow me to pay the mortgage.  Cats are wonderful, but sometimes they can do number…

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Tips To Pick The Best Laminate Flooring

TIPS TO CHOOSE THE BEST LAMINATE FLOOR AND MAKE IT LAST FOR LONG The superficial layer of a laminate floor will protect it from humidity, impacts and abrasions. However, by following a few rules, it’s possible to make it last even longer. Limit the excess of humidity. To clean a laminate floor, there’s no need…

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