How To Be A Pro Event Videographer

Reasons You Should Capture Your Next Event on Video

Putting on an event takes an incredible amount of work. Whether you’re hosting a small expert Q&A forum at your office or going all out and sponsoring a major conference in an entirely different city, events can offer you a deceptively high ROI – but only if you know how to make the  most out of every event you put on

One of the best ways is by filming it! Capturing your event on video is a crazy easy way to make your event last and a highly cost-effective way to spread brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand authority.

Filming your event extends its length and reach.

Events are great, but they have a major downside: they don’t typically last long enough to make a noticeable impact on your marketing efforts. You might expose your brand to hundreds of people who attend the event, or you might hand out flyers that people will keep for a long time – but outside of that, your event’s reach is minimal

Extends its length. With a video, your event will exist in perpetuity – people can see you held an event and even see what happened, for years and years to come without having been there.

Extends its reach. If only locals can attend your event because of limited promotion or resources, video helps share your event with tons of people across the country and across the world! All they need is a video link


Conference Video Recording Services

We specialize in nationwide conference video recording services for events of all sizes. Whether your organization is holding a weeklong event with multiple tracks or a smaller one-day event, our event recording videography teams produce the highest quality conference presentation videos customized for your event. We encourage you to review some of our publicly available recordings to see and hear the Bash Films quality difference.


Prior to your event, our graphics team will build custom backdrops, picture-in-picture frames, and graphics to match your branding. Your organization can choose to include the presenters name, talk title, twitter handle, or any other relevant information on each of your videos.  We always build multiple custom frames to accommodate both 4:3 and 16:9 presenter slides.  Additional elements such as intro title cards, motion graphics and sponsor recognition slides can be added as well


Our event video production teams film each presentation in true high definition with either single or multiple camera setups. Unlike other vendors, we do not use 3rd party “recording/streaming” software to capture slides. Our custom-built production workflow allows live-coding, presenter slides, and other media shared during the presentation to be recorded at 60 frames per second in 1080p high definition to ensure that each slide, and each line of code, is crystal clear.

To provide same day delivery, our on-site DIT’s (Digital Imaging Technicians) process each presentation as they finish. All videos receive a color correction pass, audio leveling, audio cleaning, title adjustments, and formatting for multiple devices and platforms.


Even with the custom builds and high quality, because of our custom-built workflow, we are able to provide our conference video services at costs significantly lower than other vendors


Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Videographer

It’s not every day that you are tasked with planning the biggest party of your life, and thank goodness for that. All of a sudden you’re now supposed to be a flower expert, a music guru, and a professional decorator—all while still going about your regular responsibilities. There always seems to be one of the wedding must-haves that seems to slip through the cracks ’til the last minute, and often that thing is videography

It Is Worth It

As your wedding day gets closer and closer it seems that the budget gets tighter, and many couples start to ask themselves “is videography really something we want?”. In short—it’s definitely a must.” It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is literally thousands of pictures a minute! Trust us, when it comes to the video of you walking down the isle, you don’t want to rely on your great uncle’s shaky cell phone video to capture that moment.

Professionalism Over Price

You can always find someone who will do it for cheaper, but be wary of a price too low—because it just may be too good to be true. I groomsman at my friend’s wedding who had hired a videographer on Craigslist for $300. The morning of the wedding, the shooter text us saying he wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going to make it. No offer to provide another shooter, no ‘plan b’, he just wasn’t going to show up. I ended up having to be both best man and emergency videographer (not recommended!)

Personality is Important

Once your big day finally arrives, the only person spending as much time with you as your photographer, will be your videographer. If you have a wedding planner (which we highly recommend) will be dealing with the BIG stuff, the DJ will be occupied with the party, and the flower and cake vendors generally drop off their beautiful creations and then dip out. From hair & make up until the sparkler send-off, the videographer will be by your side capturing every moment and memory. So if you like their work and their personality, book them!

Know the Terms

If your videographer is a professional, they will have a contract that you both sign so that everything is laid out about what you’re expecting, and what they’re delivering. When looking over the contract there will probably be some terms you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to ask—after all, this is a legally binding contract and it dictates what you want out of your videographer


Reasons to Choose Volk Video


Does your company need videography?Are you looking for someone to record your next event? Look no further than Volk Video. Our Michigan company is known throughout Detroit and beyond for our high-quality videos.


Volk Video will put together a game plan involving scripts, storyboards and more. Our team will handle all the administrative details, and we’ll help you stick to your projected timeline and budget. We’ll put words and imagery to your vision!


Volk Video’s high-definition or 4K video productions are filmed on location or in our green screen studio. We use top-of-the-line cameras, lighting and audio equipment. You’ll be stunned by the results.


Volk Video will take care of your video editing

Video Production and Editing Services

Searching for a video production and editing company? Well, we provide best video production tailored for a targeted audience. We believe in transforming complex ideas into high-impact video stories that generate instant results. Moreover, our editing services include, script writing, aerial videography, music, script writing and voice-over


Event Video – An Event Manager’s Guide

Event Video: Top tips for the Event Manager

Event Video filming is now standard for most conferences and clients commonly opt for a highlights film or a recording of the presentations for on-demand viewing. In this blog post you will learn some top tips for organising an event video and working with an event video production company.

Think how you want to use the film

Will the film be an on-demand recording of the event? Will the client use the film to showcase their conference? Will it be used to recruit exhibitors, delegates, presenters for next year? Is it a bit of everything?

Provide your event video company with an agenda

Having the fina l agenda as early as possible allows your video producer to plan the days activities and to highlight any points which might be tricky to capture. They will use the running order as a shoot list on the day.

Inform presenters and delegates that they will be filmed

Delegates may not want to appear in a film, however briefly and sometimes presenters might have copyrighted or confidential information which they will not want recorded and distributed. Let your video production company know and they will make sure that these are not included in any recordings

Schedule time for interviews and vox-pops

Interviews and vox-pops often form the backbone of any event video and because of this, must not be an after-thought. For more formal interviews, give the interview subjects a time slot with a buffer for change-over and possible over-runs. Make sure your film crew have time to get to where the filming is to take place and if lighting and mics have to be rigged, consider allowing for more crew to do this as your camera man might be busy filming sessions. If most interviews run over lunch time, make sure your film crew get fed as it’s often a long day, particularly if presentations are also recorded