The Best Trick To Move Out Cleaning


Unless you are one of the elite few, who inherit a hundred year estate from your ancestors, studies show that you will move house an average of 8 times during your lifetime. Career development, marital reasons and a general search for the better life are just some of the reasons why people relocate to different areas. Whatever the cause for your relocation, moving can is a stressful time fraught with concerns about getting your family and belongings safely to the new premises in one piece. One of the things you can outsource and ease the burden is end of tenancy cleaning. Tenancy agreements dictate that you must leave the premises you are vacating in the same good condition you found them in. a team of cleaners from Citi Clean can help you restore your house to its original condition and ensure that you get back your security deposit from your landlord. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider using an end of tenancy cleaning service;

  1. To save on time

Moving from one house to another means that you will have your hands full packing, monitoring the loading of your belongings into the movers truck to avoid damage and ensuring that everything gets safely to the new house. Many times, you will be too time strapped to clean the house you are leaving to meet the standards your landlord expects. This is where a cleaning team from Citi Clean comes in handy as they have the expertise and experience to handle all types of cleaning jobs, leaving you free to concentrate on other moving tasks and saving you valuable time that you can spend setting up in the other venue.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Hiring a team of cleaners from Citi Clean means that you do not have to spend money on cleaning supplies or have money deducted from your security deposit by your landlord in order to pay for cleaning services. You can choose the most cost effective service provider for your budget without having an expensive cleaning service foisted on you by a third party.

  1. Stress free moving

Handing the task of cleaning your house upon vacating it to a cleaning team frees you up to concentrate on other crucial moving tasks without having to worry whether you will have time to clean it to the standards expected by your landlord.

  1. Experience and expertise

A professional end of tenancy cleaning service is familiar with the ins and outs of getting a house back to tip top shape, so you can hand over this task to them with the knowledge that they will do an exemplary job and handle many tasks that you may not have been aware needed doing.

  1. Get back your security deposit

Many tenants have been forced to forfeit their security deposit or receive a considerably smaller sum than the amount they paid if they are unable to clean the premises due to time constraints or do not manage to clean it to the standards that the landlord expects. With a pro



Fast facts

  • End of tenancy cleaning is important for receiving your full deposit – More than half of deposit disputes (56%) are lead for insufficient, or have cleaning as part of a more complex dispute.
  • Tenants can do their own end of tenancy cleaning. The landlord cannot force them to use any cleaning company, or a cleaning service at all.
  • The landlord can request the same level of hygiene as it was documented into the move in inventory report. How the result is achieved is up to the tenant. 
  • If doing your own end of tenancy cleaning, remember to use your check in inventory as a guide. Also, use a checklist and schedule your cleaning to ensure the property is fully cleaned.
  • Set aside enough time, if you plan on cleaning yourself. Deep cleaning takes time and you’ll be surprise how big of a job this is.
  • The inventory reports are the most important pieces of evidence for resolving a dispute. You want your end of tenancy cleaning done right before the move out inventory, as to record the property in the cleanest state.
  • Your landlord cannot overcharge you excessively if you have not cleaned the property prior to moving out.
  • If you want to hire a cleaning company for your end of tenancy, you should be weary of bad decisions. As your deposit is on the line, make sure the work is done and will suffice for reclaiming your money.


After Party Cleaning: Cleaning off the hidden spaces

If not cleaned, dust even gets collected inside the vents and the duct of the chimney and the exhaust fans, the wires of the appliances get sticky. It also makes them also easily inflammable, cleaning is essential for safety purpose. So it’s very much recommendable that at the end of each year these hidden spaces should be deep cleaned thus keeping it clean and tidy. Some of the ways by which one can keep the hidden spaces free from dust are as follows.

  • The duct and the vents collect lint which blocks the passage and also has a chance of catching fire.
  • The condenser coils in the refrigerators are very delicate parts to handle and they directly affect the cooling mechanism of the fridge.
  • The lower area of the fridge which means the base which remains almost hidden is full of dust that should be cleaned as the place soften becomes moist with damp all over. This generally happens when the fridge is in a distorted condition.
  • Checking out whether there are dust and food particles underneath your micro oven is a great job. In this busy life, micro ovens serve a lot, but proper care should also be taken at the same time. These cleanings fall under the category of general cleaning. Micro ovens dishes need special care. They are required to be cleaned with a dry soft cloth after every use. One thing should be kept in mind that whenever micro ovens are used the surface underneath should be ones cleans with a cornice wiper. This would make the micro oven free from the invasion of ants and other insects which add to hygiene.

Keeping the appliances free from dust as much as possible, would make your appliances go healthy for more number of days. The main reason to keep the appliances free from the moisture coating is this would enhance its longevity. At the same time, it would reduce the mushy smell which can be often experienced in the kitchen when it has been not cleaned for a long time.

  • Scrubbing the floors ones a week if always appreciated. As the floor becomes dirtier when not cleaned for ages. The dirt removing sessions goes for the floor which collects dust and seasonally cleaning of the corners of the floor is much required to avoid discoloration of the floor color.


End Of Tenancy Cleaning -Cleaning Up Before The Move

A thorough end of tenancy cleaning is required before you can win back your full security deposit. In fact, most deposit disagreements revolve around the cleanliness state of the residence before tenants move out. Landlords require that you hand over the property in the condition in which you found it, without the dirt and stains dotting the various surfaces, and odours permeating through the interior space. Taking some time to ensure that a quality job has been done will ensure that it is ready for the inspection. While the landlord cannot force you to go with a particular service, hiring the proven professionals is highly recommended. Taking on the task as a DIY job leaves lots of room for error. Mistakes made can result in anything from unsatisfactory results, all through to property damage which will cost you more to make repairs.


Here are a few tips on how you can efficiently carry out your end of tenancy cleaning mission!

1) Clean After You Move Out

The end of tenancy cleaning must be carried out after you’ve moved out of the house. Sounds bizarre? Well, it’s a lot more logical.

After you’ve moved out of the house, all your stuff is gone and you can get the whole house to yourself. The hidden areas or corners are well exposed in an empty house. This helps you to carry out the in-depth home cleaning with a great ease. Also, if you clean up before moving out, you might miss out on some areas that will be exposed later. For instance, the areas beneath your furniture stays hidden till you move the furniture out. Therefore, it’s wise to clean up your rented house after you’ve moved your stuff out!

2) Start From The Top

After you’ve moved your stuff out, the end of tenancy cleaning becomes a lot more convenient. To start off, you can begin de-cobwebbing your walls, store areas, ceiling, etc. This can be done by getting on a step ladder and using a broom or duster to get rid of the cobwebs.

3) Go For The Windows

The next thing in the list is the cleaning up of windows. When it comes to window cleaning, one can opt for the professional window cleaning services.

4) Staircase And Corridors

The cleaning of your staircase must be an essential part of your home cleaning. If you’ve used a carpet or vinyl tile flooring on the stairs, you can get them replaced or deep cleaned. The cleaning of this area of the house might not be an easy thing to do. You can always opt for the professional cleaning services to get things done by the experts in no time.

5) Bathrooms and Kitchen

It goes without saying, these two areas are that part of the house that need continuous cleaning and upkeep. However, besides following a cleaning regimen for your bathrooms and kitchen, you might need to spring clean both these areas before you move out of your rented apartment. Consider it as a huge part of your end of tenancy cleaning.

Before you leave the house, make sure that you’re leaving all the bathroom and kitchen fixtures in a good condition. Make sure that the bathroom floor and tiles are squeaky-clean. If not, you can use chemical cleaners, vinegar, etc. to scrub the sludge off the tiles and floor.

When it comes to kitchen, you need to take care about the countertops, oven, and kitchen cabinets. All of these areas of the kitchen must be deep cleaned to get rid of any grease or dirt accumulated over the time.

You can avail the professional oven cleaning services for thoroughly cleaning up the oven of your kitchen

To sum it up, the end of tenancy cleaning  is a whole lot of unnerving task. If you’ve got all the needed patience and time, you can opt for getting it done by yourself. However, to save yourself from investing so many efforts and time in the task, you can opt for the professional cleaning services.

The professionals take the cleaning task bit by bit and work in teams. Thus, the cleaning task is completed within no time!