Tips To Find Good Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Tips

Whether you are building or renovating your home and the area, you know how terribly messy the process is. Removing the construction materials, cleaning the floors, washing the windows, and dusting again and again can seem time-consuming and downright depressing. Whether you decide to hire maids to the job for you or planning to manage it on your own, these tips can help you live through the experience with less stress

Invest in Stand Up Garbage Bags

When you are doing post construction cleaning on your own or contemplating opting for maid services, the right garbage bags can make a big difference. Thick and sturdy garbage bags that stand up on their own can save you a lot of cleanup time

Spread A Drop Cloth

Post construction cleaning can be extremely complicated if you fail to protect your floors. No matter what type of floors you have, constant scratching by the construction materials can ruin it. Newspapers don’t always cut it since they are easy to rip and don’t hold spills. Invest in a drop cloth to save on cleaning services.

Follow A Cleaning Plan

Post construction cleaning in Dyker Heights or anywhere else is a complicated task that needs a serious approach. You can make the process easier by creating a plan. For example, consider washing one room at a time

Keep The Furniture Covered

Many people decide that when the renovation is done, they can remove the furniture covers. They end up incurring substantial cleaning expenses. Don’t remove the covers until the post-construction cleanup is completed.


Residential Post Construction and Renovation Cleaning Tips

We have seen an upsurge in questions regarding post construction and renovation clean ups. With interest rates remaining low, there has been an increase in new and renovation construction for homes and alternative housing, such as apartment buildings, townhouses, and condominiums. This creates opportunities for residential cleaning companies to add this “niche” to their business and generate some additional revenue.

When it comes to residential post construction and renovation cleaning, no two will be exactly the same

If you are new to this type of cleaning, you will soon discover that no two jobs will be the same. Post construction clean up services include a wide scope of cleaning tasks, ranging from sweeping, dusting, mopping, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning/scraping windows. Other projects may require the removal of large construction materials, disposal of hazardous materials, hard floor care/grout sealing, carpet cleaning and driveway sweeping. You may be asked to perform detailed cleaning of chandeliers, blinds, high end furnishings, vaulted ceiling light fixtures and beams to name just a few. Be prepared for just about anything, and make sure you note everything the customer will want you to perform and in what time frame they will want it completed.

Cleaning specifications will require an assortment of different chemicals, tools, and equipment types, which in most cases will be supplied by you, the cleaning company. There can be three phases to post-construction clean-up work, which include the rough clean, light clean, and final clean. Some jobs may require only one phase, while others may require all three. It really depends on the customers’ needs, level of detail, expectations and scope of work.

If you’ve only cleaned homes in the past, you may not realize just how much work is involved in getting a post construction or renovation home ready for sale or occupancy. Unlike regular house cleaning, every surface must be cleaned, from top to bottom. Drywall dust, dirt, and debris gets on all surfaces and into every nook and cranny of the cabinets, ledges, window sills, fixtures and more.

The time frame for this type of cleaning is usually pretty tight, so you will need a crew large enough to complete all the tasks in the required time frame. In some situations, you may have to make a final trip to perform the last of the detailed cleaning, after the dust has completely settled. Travel time, multiple trips, equipment breakdowns, and new tasks added as you go; all will contribute to cost overruns. So make sure you bid these types of projects with plenty of profit “wiggle room.”


Amazing Tips That Will Help you to Get Rid of Construction Dust

You renovated your home recently and the tedious task of cleaning after falls on you? You did it by yourself or with professional help? Doesn’t matter. In both cases, you would agree that the post construction cleaning is one of the hardest tasks. It is sometimes even harder than the renovating itself. Keep reading to find out how to remove the construction dust from the walls and floors in your home.

Before you start the post construction cleaning

The first thing that you should do is to contain the dust only in the work area. We know it is a hard job since dust tends to spread everywhere like some kind of dark magic, but it’s best to have at least some preventative measures. Not only it will save you some time and energy when cleaning after, but it will also protect you from a lot of toxins and carcinogens, that the construction dust contains

Protect your belonging and furniture. Relocate everything that can be moved to another room.  The last thing you’d want to worry about is cleaning construction dust from upholstery and cabinets that could’ve easily been moved

Arm yourself with a decent vacuum cleaner and a mop. If the vacuum you own is too old and not powerful enough, or if the mop is past beyond it’s prime you need to get yourself proper ones. If you can’t afford to invest a couple hundred dollars in a new vacuum cleaner, consider hiring a post construction cleaning services near you

Unpainted walls

It’s always best to clean any dust from your unpainted walls before painting them. Painting over dust and debris can result in less than satisfactory paint job. Keep in mind that if you have any furniture covered with protective sheets in the room you have to make sure everything is properly protected and nothing has moved. While you can use old sheets, we recommend you invest in some plastic sheets for maximum dust protection. Make sure you clean all walls first, and not just the one that you’re about to paint


The Best Post-Construction Cleaning Guide

The Best Post-Construction Cleaning Guide

If you’ve been living with builders in your house, you know how destructive construction work can be. Even when everything goes according to plan and your tradesmen are as tidy as possible, dust and dirt are inevitable. With post-construction cleanup comes specialized cleaning requirements. Brick or drywall dust can damage your home if not cleaned properly, and some construction debris can be hazardous to your health

Pro Housekeepers are experts at post-construction cleanups. Whether you’ve finished remodeling, are at the end of an insurance claim, or got carried away with the DIY, our post-construction cleaning tips will help you get your house back in order again so you can enjoy its new look.

Before You Begin

Try to get the area as dust-free as possible before you start cleaning intensively. Not only will this make your final task easier, it’s safer to avoid breathing in a lot of dust or debris. Seal off any rooms that aren’t affected using plastic sheeting available from most hardware stores, and use masking tape (also known as painter’s tape) to secure the plastic to your walls and doors without causing lasting damage. Don’t forget to block vents and openings with more plastic sheeting to protect your HVAC system.

Always start from the farthest point from your front door and work out. That way you won’t be tracking more dirt through rooms you’ve already cleaned. For a first pass, get a soft-bristled broom and sweep each room as clean as you can. Even sweep the ceiling and walls to get all the loose debris, and brush toward the center of the room. If the dust is particularly bad, wear a good quality dust mask while you work. Lightly spraying the dust with water can make it easier to sweep.

Pro Tip: A wet/dry vacuum is great for picking up loose dust, or if the dust is really bad look for sweeping compounds at the local hardware store. These are sawdust-like mixtures used to bind the dust and make cleaning a breeze



Construction work can be a messy job and the last thing you want to do is to leave your newly completed space looking like it’s still a work in progress. A thorough post construction cleanup is the finishing touch you need to wrap up your project and give it that clean, brand new feeling. But what exactly does post construction cleaning entail? The truth is, cleaning up after any sort of building project or construction work is entirely different from your regular everyday cleaning. Whether you’re dealing with renovated apartment spaces or a newly built commercial office building, post construction cleaning requires certain tools and specific techniques that can be tough to tackle. If you find yourself stressing over all the dust and debris goes hand-in-hand with cleaning after construction, here are some post-construction cleaning tips and tricks to get you started!

Make All Your Surfaces Sparkle

Take a look around any freshly completed construction space and chances are that there’s dust and debris particles over most, if not all, of the surfaces. Countertops, desks, mantles, windowsills and even baseboards all are going to need a full wipe down after any sort of construction project. When you’re ready to actually start cleaning, ditch the old rag and paper towels. Microfiber cloths can’t be beat when it comes to cleaning these messy construction site surfaces because they are designed to attract dust particles. Wipe down all of the surfaces in your site to get rid of dust, and then consider cleaning them again with a disinfectant to make sure your new space is as clean as possible. One last tip before you get to making your construction site surfaces shine: don’t forget about smaller surfaces and other places that collect dust like between blinds, above cupboards and high shelves, and the tops of door frames!

Don’t Forget About Your Floors

All of your construction site floors are going to need a thorough clean before your space is officially ready for business. Dust, dirt and all kinds of messy particles tend to settle and collect on the floor. All hard flooring will need to be swept and all carpeting will need to be vacuumed slowly and maybe even repeatedly to ensure a deep and complete clean. Be sure to use the right techniques and tools, you don’t want to make a bigger mess by moving dust to hard to reach areas or by creating any dust clouds. Go through with a mop after sweeping on hard floors for an added shine, and remember that your floors might need to be cleaned repeatedly if dust continues to settle.

Remember the Small Details

It might be tempting to call your post construction cleaning a wrap once you’ve cleaned all of your surfaces and floors, but there are some other easy-to-forget areas that need to be dealt with first. Take a look at your air vents, they might need to be dusted and vacuumed out to prevent dust from recirculating back into your cleaned space or clogging up your A/C system. Also, take a look at any new features like windows and inside any spaces like cabinets and drawers. They may have collected dust, but also they may have some labels or stubborn adhesives that still need to be removed. Lastly, don’t forget about your electric outlet covers. They can collect dust and need to be carefully wiped down to prevent becoming a safety hazard. Paying attention to these small details might seem like no big deal but it’s a big part of construction cleaning and remembering to handle all of them will make a huge difference in the safety and sparkling appearance of your new space!