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When you Legal to assist you with your family law matter, you don’t just get a legal consultant – you get a close ally who will have your back the entire time. This means total confidentiality (as required by law) concerning everything you say to your lawyer, giving you complete peace of mind that you can be open and honest about what your needs and/or concerns are.


have expertise in helping people navigate highly complex family law issues that may seem impossible to solve. No matter how defeated or exhausted you feel, know how to identify a clear path forward so that there’s never a reason to give up.


One of the things are most proud of his helping protect children by advocating for arrangements that have their best interests in mind. Above all, goal is to protect children from becoming victims of the fallout between their parents so that their future happiness and well-being is not jeopardised


While this shouldn’t need to be said, so many people complain about lawyers who are late to their own appointments with clients or fail to return phone calls. professionals and take what do seriously – you will always get a call back from us if are unable to answer the phone.

Serve divorce papers

One of the scariest things about getting a divorce can be delivering the news that you want one to your incumbent spouse, who may not take the news well.


Top Child Custody Questions

Child custody rights refer to a set of rights given to a parent in divorces and legal separation. Child custody rights include legal custody, which includes making important legal decisions on behalf of their child, and physical custody.

Physical custody deals with which parent has the legal ability to determine the primary residence of the child. Child custody rights are determined by a judge using several factors, and are always determined according to the child’s best interests standards.

How Do I File for Child Custody and Child Support?

In order to file for child custody you will need to first file a legal document asking the court to determine custody and appoint you as party with primary custody of the child. The actual name of the legal document you need to file depends on your local jurisdiction.

Additionally, the correct legal pleading that you need to file depends on the circumstances of your individual case. The following is a list of initial court documents that may initiate a lawsuit for child custody and child support:

Divorce: If you are married to the person and you are seeking to be granted primary custody of a child you had while married to that person, you should first file an Original Petition for Divorce.

In that petition you may also include a request for child custody and child support. In fact most states require that all child custody and child support matters be handled concurrently with the divorce;

Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship or Legal Separation: If you are not married to the party in which you had children then you will file a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship or Legal Separation from that party to file for child custody and support;

Paternity Action: If you are the biological father of a child, but did not appear on the birth certificate or you are the father of a child born during a marriage that is not your marriage, you will first need to determine you are the legal father of the child. In order to do so you will have to file a Paternity action before filing for legal custody and for child support; and/or

Modification: If there was a previous Court order regarding the children that you are seeking to change the custody or child support amount ordered, you will need to file for a modification of that Court’s previous order.

Generally, the filing party will need to show that there has been a material or significant change since the last order which is why the previous order is no longer appropriate

If One Parent Has Full Custody Does the Other Need to Pay Child Support?

Child support payments are intended to help provide for the large financial responsibilities that come with having a child. It is a court ordered amount of money paid to the custodial parent by the non custodial parent. Some states have guidelines that they implement to determine a fair amount of support payments, while others award support based on each specific case.


How Your Family Lawyer Can Protect You in Divorce

An amicable divorce? It’s rare, but possible. An amicable divorce with a narcissist? Impossible. If this is what you’re facing, expect your divorce to have a few extra challenging layers than the one your friend just went through. This is because a narcissist is incapable of seeing things through any other lens than their own and can’t consider things from another’s perspective.

And in divorce negotiations, trying (as hard as it may be) to see things from your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s point of view is essential to when agreeing to terms that will move your toward to settling the divorce. “A narcissist can’t relate to anyone else,”

“And the chances are high that this is one of the primary reasons the couple is divorcing. A divorce, when a narcissist is involved, can end up being very destructive. When the relationship finally fails, the non-narcissist ends up being better off if he or she can get counseling to learn how to deal with the narcissist as tensions escalate, and they will. A narcissist will drag out a divorce in an attempt to keep some sort of connection and sense of control, even after the divorce is final.”

that in divorce cases involving a narcissist, there is one party who is approaching everything logically, and the other—the narcissist—is approaching things emotionally. This means assets are at risk as the narcissist wants to “win” at all costs. “It becomes more expensive for everyone, because things that aren’t even big issues become big issues,”

“Divorce cases that normally could be settled go to court because the narcissist wants their day in court to show everyone they were right all along. They feel justified going to court because they believe they can convince everyone they were right all along—even if their lawyer advises them not to. They don’t understand that it doesn’t work that way. And when the non-narcissist spends time and energy to trying to get the narcissist spouse to see his or her point of view, it just wastes time and ultimately, money.”


Divorce Lawyers

Family Law and Mediation has helped hundreds of clients with family law and divorce proceedings. These types of legal matters are very often challenging, emotionally-draining and stressful

Over the years, has had the honor of helping hundreds of families through difficult times. She has been gratified to see how her advice and guidance have improved the lives of her clients and their children and families.

for the seven years prior to attending law school, worked as a legal assistant in her mother’s, solo family law practice. It was during that time that realized her ability to assist the law practice’s clients would be greatly enhanced if she became an attorney, as well.

Mediation & Divorce Attorneys

parties going through divorce proceedings often have two types of mediation available to them. One involves the division of assets and debts, where the two parties can come to an agreement quickly and without lengthy negotiation via counsel. The other type of mediation deals with parental duties.

Couples going through a divorce are increasingly turning to mediation when looking to negotiate a resolution that is amicable for both parties. Mediation is ideal as it allows you and the other party to find compromises and establish a settlement that saves you time and money.


Mediation & Divorce Attorneys

Even if mediation allows the two of you to come to an agreement, it is crucial that you have an attorney working to protect your interests. Legal counsel can help review the terms of the agreement with you and ensure that you are not agreeing to something that does not work for your interests.

In those instances where there is a dispute surrounding child custody and visitation, law requires that a mediation occur before the court hearing. During these counseling sessions, couples try to come to an agreement. When a couple cannot come to an agreement, the case is ultimately decided during the court hearing.

Family Law and Mediation are skilled at dealing with these types of mediation sessions and can help you prepare for anything that might come up when meeting with a private or court-appointed mediator or other experts. also routinely work with the other parent to help the both of you reach an agreement on custody and visitation matters, including holiday schedules and major decisions involving education, healthcare, and religion.

Whether you are seeking to come to a settlement via private mediation, or are involved in a court-appointed mediation session, you can be confident that attorneys can represent you in an effective and efficient manner.